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Shoot! Anime Announced After 28 Years! Release Details & More

After waiting for almost three decades, the fans of the classic soccer story Shoot! finally get what they were waiting for. The last that fans saw of the franchise was in 1994 when the feature movie was released in the theatres. Well, Studio EMT Squared is bringing back nostalgia in the form of Shoot! Anime. In the latest announcement, the creators gave away the official title and the release details of the anime. Thus, here is all you need to know about the new venture.

Shoot! has been a prominent name in the sports genre of anime and manga alike. The franchise commenced in 1990 with the manga of the same name. It was written and illustrated by Tsukasa Ooshima. The 33-volume manga got an anime adaptation in November 1993. One year later, the follow-up movie concluded the story. However, fans still demanded the continuation of the franchise. Now, they look forward to the reboot series.

Shoot! Anime

Shoot! Anime: Official Announcement

The official announcement of Shoot! Anime came with the launch of a new website for the series. With the start of the website, all social media accounts were also updated with the news of the incoming anime series. So, the new series is titled “Shoot! Goal To the Future.” It was revealed that EMT Squared studio is working on the animation and production of the series. However, the director and other staff of the series are yet to be announced. Keep reading further to find out about the release details.

What Is The Premise?

It is not clear if the new series is a spin-off of the original venture or retell anime. However, the chances of it being a reboot are pretty high. The official website of the series gives a summary of the story. It describes the story to revolve around a former captain of a high school soccer team. Atsushi Kamiya used to be known as the “courageous captain” of the team of Italy. However, he no longer plays for the team.

Shoot! Anime

Deciding to spend the rest of his days as the coach of smaller teams, Kamiya comes across as a talented soccer student. Meeting the boy, he learns that Hideto Tsuji is not in touch with his own talent. Thus, the coach makes his aim to bring back the passion in this disinterested boy. Shoot! is a coming-of-age story of a student and his teacher. It will be interesting to see how Studio EMT Squared retells this classic story.

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Shoot! Anime: Release Details

Unfortunately, the makers of the series have not announced the exact release date of the anime. However, they did give away the tentative release schedule. So, Shoot! Anime is slated for a release in the year 2022. The networks associated with the show are yet to be revealed. Moreover, a digital partner has also not joined the team. The picture will get clearer as the show nears the premiere. We will be sure to update this section as soon as the makers drop new updates. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.


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