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Showtime! Season 2 Renewed! Production, Release Date & More

There is a piece of good news for all the fans of AnimeFesta’s Showtime! anime. In the newest update that came on the official YouTube channel of the network, it was revealed that the makers are going to bring back their favorite adult story. Since the announcement, fans have been looking up more updates from official sources. Thus, in order to ease your efforts, we have gathered everything that has come out in the public domain so far. So, here is all you need to know about the return of Showtime! Season 2.

Showtime! anime series is based on Mai Girigiri’s adult manga named Showtime! Minami O-nee-san Datte H Shitai (Even Miss Minami Wants to Have Sex). The first episode of the anime series aired on October 3, 2020, on the network’s YouTube channel. One year later, fans await the return of its second season.

Showtime! Season 2

Showtime! Season 2: Official Announcement

Almost a year after the pilot season of Showtime came to a halt, the makers of the series have returned with a piece of good news. The official YouTube channel of AnimeFesta released a small snippet trailer that announced the return of the series. The 15-second video contains only numbered visuals from the previous season that dissolve into the banner of the second season. Fans of the adult series are overjoyed by the news of the return of Showtime! Season 2. Here is the latest trailer of the second season:

Production Status!

As of the last update, there has been no confirmation on the completion of the production work of Showtime! Season 2. In fact, if the animation work was to be finished, some clips might have been featured in the latest trailer of the second season. Thus, it can be assumed that the production of the series is yet to enter the animation stage. However, judging by the early announcement, it is safe to say that the sequel has finished the writing and scripting part. More updates will keep hinting at the completion of production.

Also, Showtime! is the only anime series on the AnimeFesta block that uses only one casting team for both the “on-air version” and the explicit “premium version.” As a result, the work is expected to finish earlier than generic schedules. The cast details of the second season are also to be announced by the showrunners.

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Showtime! Season 2

Showtime! Season 2: Release Date

For the time being, there has been no update on the release time of Showtime! Season 2. But judging the schedule of the announcement, it can be assumed that the makers are eyeing the Summer 2022 slate to release the sequel. Even if the animation work has only commenced this month, the work is expected to finish by Spring 2022. Thus, the second season might land on the screens by July 2022 at the earliest. We will be sure to update this section in accordance with the updates. Thus, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.


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