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Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Manga Online

Rank-Hunter S Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 176 starts Sung Jinwoo vs. Antares the King of Dragons and The Monarch of Destruction. This started when Sung Jinwoo denied Antares, and he chose to continue the struggle since he believed Sung Jinwoo would serve him. Antares evolves into a monster to challenge Sung Jinwoo in the newest installment of Solo Leveling Season 2. Sung Jinwoo, on the other hand, utilizes Kaisel to resist those attacks and instructs Kaisel to fly downwards. Antares fires a ball of fire that narrowly misses scorching Sung Jinwoo.

Sung Jinwoo and Kaisel approach Antares from opposing directions and discover that their method is succeeding. He worries if his strikes will injure Antares. Antares explains that the assaults will never harm him. Sung Jinwoo must attempt something new. Sung Jinwoo informs Kaisel that they are going. Antares spots the two fleeing and uses Dragon Fear to bring them back. Sung Jinwoo noted that the hit had damaged Kaisel and that he was unable to fly correctly. Sung Jinwoo vowed to defend Kaisel as they landed on the ground. Antares, on the other hand, blasts them away with another Dragon Fear.

He knows it hurts, but Sung Jinwoo will not die as a result of such a strike. Sung Jinwoo fights back and finds that the earth has the consistency of molten. The environment surrounding them has been wrecked, and it appears like a volcano has erupted. Antares strikes Sung Jinwoo with claw marks, causing him to utilize Arise and summon one of his Shadow Soldiers. Antares gets bitten on the neck by the Shadow Soldier, who is the same size as him. Sung Jinwoo called three of them, and they quickly took control of Antares. He wonders if the Ancient Dragons fires that Bellion used to lead will be effective against Antares. Scroll down to find out more about Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Manga Online.

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Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 175 Recap

Before in Solo Leveling Chapter 175: Sung Jinwoo sits on a hill, watching his Soldiers battle Antares, attempting to figure out how to beat Antares. He recognizes that Antares is unlike the creatures he has previously encountered since his strength is incomprehensible. Sung Jinwoo knows he must alter his tactics in order to defeat the King of Dragons. He believes he requires greater force to destroy armored mountains with his bare hands. Sung Jinwoo gathers additional powers and forms a mystical circle around himself.

Antares assassinated one of Sung Jinwoo’s Shadow Soldiers and warned him not to send ordinary Soldiers to defeat him. He realizes that Sung Jinwoo is encircled by darkness’s might and asks why it has to be that tyrant. Antares understands Sung Jinwoo pushed him above his limit and worries what would happen when Sung Jinwoo obtains control of the world around him. He inquires about Sung Jinwoo’s plans and believes he should halt before Sung Jinwoo develops into a powerful fighter. Sung Jinwoo has evil abilities and understands he can utilize them to put on an amour.

Antares believes Sung Jinwoo is incapable of using astraulization. He recognizes that the Shadow Monarch has only one form and that Sung Jinwoo’s only form is human, and he wonders how Sung Jinwoo’s shape is so massive. He understands that Sung Jinwoo may have called Death’s abilities to the human realm. Antares can’t believe a simple human managed to pull off such a feat. But Sung Jinwoo wields Death’s power in a spectacular way. Sung Jinwoo emerges in a different guise as the holy Antares.

Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Release Date is December 02, 2021. The exact date and time of release may vary across different time zones around the globe. It is a fair assumption from the existing Solo Leveling Release Schedule. In case of changes to Solo Leveling Chapter 176, we will definitely ensure that this article is updated.

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Manga Online?

The current Manhwa read platform for Solo Leveling is Kakao Page Magazine. Since Solo hasn’t an official online reading platform for all the other fans around the world, online Reddit threads are the best solution. In these threads also Solo Leveling 176 is available in English.

Chugong is the author of the South Korean web novel Solo Leveling. As of July 25, 2016, it has been serialized on the digital comic and fiction platform KakaoPage, and as of November 4, 2016, it has been released by D&C Media under their Papyrus label. Only I Level Up has been licensed by Webnovel in English.

“the Gate” appeared ten years ago and connected the real world with the sphere of magic and monsters. The ordinary people were given superhuman powers to combat these vile animals and they were called “Hunters.” The twenty-year-old Sung JinWeo is one Hunter, but because of his pathoscope compared to an even meagre e-rank he is known as the “World’s Weakest,” Still, in the low-rank Gates he hunts monsters tirelessly to pay the medical bills of his mother.

However, when Jin-Woo — the only person left to die in a mission left terribly wrong, believes himself to be — wakes up in a hospital three days later to find a mysterious screen floating in front of him. This “Quest Log” requires Jin-Woo to complete or to face a proper penalty for an unrealistic and intense training program. At first reluctant because of the rigor of the quest, Jin-Woo soon found that it could only transform him into one of the worst hunters in the world.