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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5

XXIII century. The Shenzhou research ship with dozens of federation workers on board encounters a strange breakdown in space — the antenna responsible for communications is damaged. Everything suggests that the device was damaged on purpose in order to attract attention. Deciding to understand the motives of the one who broke the antenna, the captain of the ship Philippa Georgiou sends Michael Burnham, her best mate, overboard…

“Star Trek: Discovery ss 5”: release date, announcement

Fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to the fantastic TV series “Star Trek: Discovery”. And creators Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman hope to release Season 5 in 2022. There is no talk about closing the project, which is good news. And there is no information about the exact release dates yet. With a high degree of probability, the new episodes will premiere in the fall season of 2022.


On board the Shenzhou ship, work is in full swing to establish contact with new civilizations. Burnham loves her job because she doesn’t have anything else. As a little girl, Michael was attacked by the Klingon race, who were already famous for their love of fighting. Having destroyed all her people, the killers did not have time to get to the baby.

In the following years, Michael was trained by none other than Spock, a Vulcan with a strange fate. It is he who will play a decisive role in the defense of civilization in decades. Michael was proud to call him a brother, but as she got older, she did something that Spock could not forgive her. In adulthood, they did not get in touch with each other for a long time.

Only a strange breakdown helped Burnham see her brother. When the captain allowed her to go in search of the creature that broke the antenna, Burnham found herself near the Klingon ship. One of them attacked her, but at the last moment she managed to repel the attack, albeit with heavy losses. Back on her ship, she pleads with Philippa to believe her that the Klingons are not extinct. The captain thinks Michael is crazy.

Frame from the TV show

The antenna was broken so that other ships could not see them. Having built a haven from the coffins of their fellows, the Klingons bided their time and built up their strength for many years. Seeing a ship belonging to the Empire, the enemies decided to attack. Philippa had to admit that the girl was telling the truth. Barely surviving the attack, the ship’s crew fully admit that the Klingons have returned.

This unpleasant event is overshadowed by other problems: the ship has suffered significant damage, and it is necessary to help other space objects on which a nuisance could have happened. Along with the solution of the tasks, inextricably linked with the past, Burnham goes in search of answers in the present…

Actors and their roles

  • Michael Burnham — early became an orphan, parents were killed by a warlike race; grateful to Spock for the training, but cannot start communicating with him, because he does not want to have anything to do with her; changes hairstyle every season; does not know how to control feelings, the Vulcan teacher considers this to be her weakness; is the person referred to in ancient prophecy — Sonequa Martin-Green.
  • Philippa Georgiou — Captain of Shenzhou; once did not believe Michael, who claims about the invasion of the Klingons, who have long been considered dead, then she regretted it for a long time, because she suffered a lot of damage; invited Burnham to lead her team, as she outgrew her professionally — Michelle Yeoh.
  • Saru — Kelpien; navy officer; first worked under the command of Philippa, then moved to Discovery, taking the place of the first mate — Doug Jones.

Interesting Facts

  1. Since 2016, as soon as the first shooting days of “Star Trek” kicked off, actress Sonequa Martin-Green was not involved in any side projects. She is often called to act in films, but the girl does not want to completely immerse herself in work — in 2020, Martin-Green had a daughter, which became a reason for the actress to visit home more often. She now has two children.
  2. Jason Isaacs, a full-time TV series star as Gabriel Lorca, worked for the “Harry Potter” franchise for several years. The most attentive viewers can recognize Lucius Malfoy in him, who lived in the form of a Death Eater.
  3. In 2018, CBS Television Studios signed a 5-year contract with the creators of the series to show the short films “Short Treks”. They will go into more detail about the lives of some of the characters who were not given airtime on the original TV show. To fill this gap, the studio gave Alex Kurtzman $ 600,000 for short films.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5×01Series 1November 2022
5×02Series 2November 2022
5×03Series 3November 2022
5×04Series 4November 2022
5×05Series 5November 2022
5×06Series 6November 2022
5×07Series 7November 2022
5×08Series 8November 2022
5×09Series 9November 2022
5×10Series 10November 2022

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