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Strong Vessel(Boruto)Vs Smart Vessel(Kawaki)

Strong Vessel(Boruto)Vs Smart Vessel(Kawaki)🌹💗

Strong Vessel(Boruto)Vs Smart Vessel(Kawaki)🌹💗

Strong Vessel(Boruto)Vs Smart Vessel(Kawaki)🌹💗

∆∆∆As you guys know Boruto is the vessel of Outsutsuki Momoshiki and Kawaki is the vessel of Outsutsuki Ishiki!
In this theory, I will analyze the abilities&power of Boruto(Momoshiki) & Kawaki(Ishiki), so that you may know who is Strong or Smart!
First I will analyze the abilities&powers of Boruto & Momoshiki! Being an Outsutsuki Momoshiki had an enormous amount of firepowers and visual abilities which he used against 5 kages, Boruto and Sasuke but in the end, defeated by Boruto!


Momoshiki has two Byakugans and a Red Rinnegan(Which can absorb all types of Ninjutsu perfectly & and has other abilities too, such as throwing black rods to immobilize others and many abilities were not shown by Momoshiki because Boruto almost destroyed his Rinnegan)! So by having two types of Dojustus Momoshiki has greater visual Powers and after Absorbing Kinshiki, Momoshiki had a 4th dojutsu (3rd eye on forehead)!
Momoshiki had a lot of firepowers which he showed against Naruto, Boruto & Sasuke in his fight which other Outsutsukis didn’t have if they didn’t show!

∆ Boruto is a genius Shinobi who got the smartness of 4th Hokage! Due to this he mastered the Rasengan in a very short time and also changed its nature at the age of 13! Boruto is also gifted a new powerful dojutsu because he has both Hamura and Hagoromo blood and that eye was activated by Toneri! Boruto also defeated Momoshiki which made him his vessel and he got great Powers and now with the 3 Dojusts of Momoshiki & his own dojutsu (Jougan) he has great Visual Powers! AS MOMOSHIKI was having a lot of firepowers, so his vessel Boruto also has it which you can see in the comment pictures!
The only disadvantage of Boruto is that he doesn’t know how to use karma. He also loses his control from his body and Momoshiki takes the control of his body which is troublesome for Boruto!

∆ Now about Kawaki, he is a son of an ordinary person not having Hogoromo or Hamura blood! But since Outsutsuki Ishiki gave him Karma, which allowed him to use his Powers. Ishiki also trained Kawaki to use karma seal from which Kawaki got an advantage!

Outsutsuki Ishiki has not shown its true powers yet but his main abilities are Two Dojutsu (1 Byakugan and the other unknown), Shrinking Objects, Space travel, and black rods which immobilize a person!

Outsutsuki’s visual powers are not great like Kaguya and Momoshiki! Ishiki also can’t fight against a Rinnegan or he has a hard time against a perfect Rinnegan user which he stated in his fight against Sasuke!

Kawaki’s main advantage is that he knows how to use Karma and he also taught it to Boruto!


In terms of using Karma, Kawaki is Smart because he maintains control of his body but his Karma doesn’t have much power(Because Ishiki doesn’t have many powers)! As Kawaki has unique abilities and perfect control so he is a Smart Vessel!

In terms of the power of Karma, Boruto is Strong because he is having a lot of powers in his Karma(Because Momoshiki has lots of powers) but he can’t maintain control of his body perfectly like Kawaki. So we can say in terms of powers Boruto is a Strong Vessel!

Give your suggestions in comments about who is strong and smart🌹💗



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