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Succession Season 4: Release Date (TV Show)

The TV series “Succession” is about the powerful and wealthy man Logan Roy and his family. As he grew older, it became more difficult for him to manage the corporation “Waystar RoyCo”, and Logan came to the conclusion that in the future he wants to see his children on the board of directors. In the meantime, he himself wants to stay at the head of the company a little more. But how much is this possible? After all, precarious health is increasingly affecting the protagonist’s empire…

“Succession ss 4”: release date, announcement

In October 2021, ahead of the release of the season 3 of the “Succession” TV series, viewers learned that the project was renewed for a fourth one. The creators of the picture are not ready to close it, which delighted the audience.
According to some reports, the sequel to the TV drama show “Succession” is scheduled for release in late 2022. The exact date of the premiere will be announced closer to the release of the new season.


Kendall Roy waited a long time for the moment when his father went to retirement in order to take the leading place in the company. But on the first day, he blundered by missing out on a multi-billion dollar deal with Lawrence Yee, an Asian partner. Seeking to recoup his profits at all costs, he offers a different price and threatens Lawrence to crush his entire business if he does not agree to work with Waystar RoyCo.

On the same day, Logan Roy celebrates his 78th birthday, and he gathered all his associates. Having asked the children to go with him to a separate room, the head of the family invited them to sign a contract. It said that Logan could hold the post of head of the corporation for several more years. This means that Kendall will vacate his place and return to his previous position.

Aware of the poor health of the parent, children become confused. It is not known which is better: to give dad the opportunity to continue working, or to make him take care of his health. There are pros and cons to both options. But apart from the interests of the parent, the children would like to realize their own ambitions. On this day, the first serious disagreements erupt between family members. Kendall has to leave the holiday for a meeting with an Asian who has revised the terms and is ready to agree to the deal.

The main characters of the series

On the way, Kendall makes a call. From the conversation it becomes clear that he wants to convey to the press information that the elder Roy is not healthy, poses a danger to the corporation and brings losses to the business. Arriving at the office, Kendall is waiting for Lawrence Yee, who asks if the guy is up to date with the latest news. But Kendall is so alarmed by the results of the deal that he is not ready to pay attention to any other matters.

It soon turned out that after Kendall’s departure, Logan felt bad, and when he was taken to the hospital, it was too late — a brain hemorrhage occurred. Lawrence reports that all the previously said threats are now directed to Kendall, because the Asian is going to swallow Waystar RoyCo as his opponent previously wanted to do.

Without Logan’s skills, it is impossible to pull out a quarrel with Lawrence — it was not even worth aiming at such a serious opponent. What now awaits the corporation? Can Logan be expected to recover from his illness? Who will be next on the list for the chapter of the Waystar RoyCo? Or will Logan still continue working?..

Actors and their roles

  • Logan Roy — a 78-year old man with a bunch of illnesses, ready to continue working, just not to give his financial brainchild into the hands of his less business-savvy children; on his own mind; easily manipulates people — Brian Cox.
  • Kendall Roy — Logan’s ambitious eldest son; suffers from uncontrollable anger, due to which he ended up in a psychiatric clinic several years ago; dreams of solely managing his father’s empire, for this he spreads vile rumors about him — Jeremy Strong.
  • Roman Roy — a lover of dubious entertainment; married, has children; spends money indiscriminately; humiliates those whose financial situation is much worse; does not enjoy credibility with relatives, while holding a low position in the company — Kieran Culkin.
  • Siobhan Roy — for a long time she gave preference to politics and worked in this area for a long time, but then her father lured her to his work; worried about her father’s health; does not allow Roman to recoup on the poor — Sarah Snook.

Interesting Facts

  1. Many viewers may have noticed the similarities between Kieran Culkin and the actor Macaulay Culkin, who played the role of Kevin in the movie “Home Alone”. We are in a hurry to tell those who do not know that Kieran and Macaulay are brothers. They have the same surname, and in childhood they attended the same auditions together.
  2. The character Logan Roy is copied from the real-life media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who started his career with his father’s crumbling business. As a result, he headed various newspaper publications for over 60 years. Disney bought most of the property from him a couple of years ago. Until the age of 88, Murdoch worked actively, but for the last two years he has preferred to hide from society.
  3. The similarity of Sarah Snook with the real daughter of Rupert Murdoch helped her successfully pass the casting and fit into the picture as well as possible. For the 1st season, she received the Audience Award, becoming the favorite character of the season.
  4. Jesse Armstrong, creator of the film, said that season 4 could be the last one. It is not yet known what is the reason for this decision.

Succession Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4×01Series 1the end of 2022
4×02Series 2the end of 2022
4×03Series 3the end of 2022
4×04Series 4the end of 2022
4×05Series 5the end of 2022
4×06Series 6the end of 2022
4×07Series 7the end of 2022
4×08Series 8the end of 2022
4×09Series 9the end of 2022
4×10Series 10the end of 2022

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