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Takt Op. Destiny Season 2: Release Date (TV Show)

Music is a stream of light that can illuminate any heart. With the help of music, we can inspire hope in a person, calm him down in difficult times and open ourselves to love. But in an instant, all of humanity was deprived of this happiness. The monsters inhabiting the Earth hate music, and the more beautiful it sounds, the more furious their anger. But can a person live without music? Or will there be those who will devote all their strength to the destruction of uninvited guests for the sake of the melodic sound of notes?..

Genre – musical fantasy, action.
Season 1 premiered on October 6, 2021.

“Takt Op. Destiny ss 2”: release date, announcement

There is currently no release date for the Season 2 of the anime “Takt Op. Destiny”. But critics are confident that the new episodes will be shown very soon, most likely in less than a year, in 2022. Therefore, we should be patient and follow the news.


People are used to sharing their planet with monsters who once flew to Earth with a meteor shower. D2s destroy them with ease, and most importantly, they hate man-made music. Since then, humanity has forgotten about musical instruments and the sounds that they are capable of producing.

The trouble did not pass by the boy named Takt Asahina. As a child, he lost his father, who was killed by monsters. After the beloved and only parent, only a piano and a huge number of notes remained. Takt threw all his efforts into learning to play a musical instrument. And next to him was always Anna and her younger sister Cosette.


Frame from the animeOne day completely changed the lives of the guys. Takt performed for the first time in front of an audience on the street. Cosette was there and was also playing with him when D2 suddenly appeared. The girl died, covering Takt, and the guy lay unconscious with a bloody hand. However, thanks to Cosette’s amulet, she was reborn as a warrior, and Takt’s hand turned into a conductor’s baton. With this, he can control Cosette, and she, in turn, is able to destroy the monster using her superweapon…

Time has passed. Anna, Cosette and Takt travel to New York. Their goal is Symphonica. The path is not close and very dangerous, because monsters live everywhere. At a roadside cafe, Cosette was able to replenish her strength with a delicious lunch, but the news shared by the owner of the establishment was disappointing. The road that the main characters took to New York turned out to be a dead end, as the D2s occupied the city, creating their nest in it. Then the guys had a plan: turn on the musical apparatus louder, lure the monsters and destroy them with the forces of Cosette…

Main characters

  • Takt Asahina — conductor; loves music and dreams of playing his favorite musical instrument again; he is convinced that the salvation of the planet lies in music; by nature, selfish, rude, lazy; lost his right hand, which turns into conductor’s baton at the moments of the attack.
  • Cosette Schneider / Destiny — once died after being attacked by a monster, but thanks to the amulet she was reborn as a fighter against D2s; to restore the spent energy, she needs to eat a lot, especially she loves sweets; is able to sense the close location of D2s; kind, caring and stubborn girl.
  • Anna Schneider — older sister of Cosette; has been friends with Tact since childhood; protects her younger sister, is ready to do anything for her; her goal is to get to Symphonica in New York to tune Cosette.
  • Symphonica — a New York-based location where Musicarts are created to fight monsters.

Interesting Facts

  1. The anime was directed by Ito Yuki, who has contributed to iconic TV series such as “Sword Art Online” and “Granblue Fantasy The Animation” in a short career.
  2. Viewers, big fans of anime, noticed some similarities between Cosette’s character and another hero. It is about the popular anime series “Darling in the Franxx” and the character Zero Two. Both girls may have a similar appearance, but there is no talk of plagiarism.

Takt Op. Destiny Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2×01Series 12022
2×02Series 22022
2×03Series 32022
2×04Series 42022
2×05Series 52022
2×06Series 62022
2×07Series 72022
2×08Series 82022
2×09Series 92022
2×10Series 102022

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