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Tarte Or Maha? Release Date

The most recent episode of The World’s Finest Assassin changed the tone of the story. After the sixth episode dealt with a prostitution racket, the seventh outing shows Lugh in a new light. Lugh, Tarte, and Maha are in the village of Milteu, where they are running a successful business. After six months of opening, their store has attracted quite some competition. The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 8 has the stage set for combat in the business line. Here is all you need to know about the episode.

In the upcoming episode, fans can expect to see some emotions in this seemingly professional assassin. Lugh is beginning to feel some emotions for his partners Tarte and Maha. But he is still not ready to accept his true feelings. Will this ruin the good friendship that the two of them have been able to build over time?

The World's Finest Assassin Episode 8

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 8: Plot Details

The next episode of The World’s Finest Assassin is titled “Rites of Choice.” As suggested by the title, the episode is going to delve into the love triangle arc. Lugh has just found out that he is attracted to both Tarte and Maha. But he is unsure about his own feelings. The assassin does not know if he is in love with any one of them. This will cause a stir in the relationship between the two. Meanwhile, the cosmetic business will continue to prosper in Milteu.

Lugh will also share the precious information that he gathered from his short trip to Dia’s. The team will also try to get some information from the spy that they captured. In The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 8, Lugh, Tarte, and Maha will find some dark secrets about the other business people. They will learn about the plans that are brewing behind their backs.

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The World's Finest Assassin Episode 8

Previous Episode Recap!

In last week’s episode of Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei Suru, Lugh continued live under the name of Illig Balor. In order to make an easy living in the village, he came up with a business plan to open a cosmetic store. Being born and brought up in an elite society, he had knowledge about a variety of products, including moisturizers, face creams, and sunscreens. Within six months, the shop had bombarded in sales. However, this success also attracted many rivals for the Balor family.

But Tarte and Maha were also looking after the store. One day, the two ladies caught a spy trying to steal some products’ ingredients. Later in the episode, Lugh left the store under Tarte’s supervision. He went to Dia and studied the magical arts. Later, when he came back, he realized that he was slowly developing feelings for both his partners. The episode ended with Lugh getting confused by his own emotions.

The World's Finest Assassin Episode 8

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 8: Release Date

Lugh and Tarte are on their way to discovering dark secrets about the people they work for. Does that mean that the leaders will now become the villains in the show? The next outing will have all the answers for the fans. So, The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 8 is scheduled to release this Wednesday on November 24, 2021. Viewers will be able to access the episode on Crunchyroll. Lastly, keep an eye on this corner for more updates.


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