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The Choice! Release Date & Plot Details

The latest chapter of Blue Lock changed everything for the players that came back to the facility. To their surprise, the former U-20 team was also a part of the new project. Soon enough, Ego showed up and explained that all the players were to practice together so that a new team could be formed in the end. A new training strategy has also been forged for dynamic development. Here is all you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 154.

In the upcoming chapter of Blue Lock, all the players at the blue lock facility will choose between the existing five environments. The players were asked to choose between Spain, England, Italy, France, and Germany to learn a variety of skills. Thus, it will be exciting to see what all the players end up choosing.

Blue Lock Chapter 154

Blue Lock Chapter 154: Plot Details!

The official plot details of the next chapter are yet to be released in the public domain. In the next chapter, all the players will choose between the given environment they want to train in. The practice was set in such a way that the players had to choose from one of the top five teams of England. This included England, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. The next chapter will begin with the pov of Itsoshi Sae. It will be interesting to see what environment they will choose for their dynamic development.

The idea behind this is to get the players used to the atmosphere that they would be playing in. It is most likely that the players that come from a well-off background are going to choose France’s ‘environment.’ The players that are weak with technique might opt for Spain, and the strong ones will go for England. Thus, Blue Lock Chapter 154 will mainly focus on the protagonist’s decision.

Blue Lock Chapter 154

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 153rd chapter of Blue Lock began with all the existing U-20 players entering the Blue Lock facility. As they were entering the hallway, the players saw that some new players were also in the building. They recognized that these were the former U-20 players. They were called in by Ego for his new project. The two teams had a rough meet-up as both considered the other to be less compatible. Just then, Jinpachi Ego came arrived on the screen and announced that he was going to form a new team that with all the players combined.

Thus, Ego began to explain the course of the next hundred days until the U-20 World Up. He mentioned that the leagues would be trained in accordance with the five peak leagues of Europe. This included England’s speed, Spain’s technique, Italy’s tactics, France’s money, and Germany’s rationale. Thus, the players got a notification to join one’ environment’ from the given five.

Blue Lock Chapter 154

Blue Lock Chapter 154: Release Date

Blue Lock is a weekly manga that comes out with a new chapter every seven days. As the players are back to the Blue Lock facility, they will find new challenges and newer teammates to play along with. So, Blue Lock Chapter 154 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Hence, the chapter will be available in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Lastly, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates on the same.


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