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The Doll Hunt! Release Date

Rebooting the Blade Runner franchise was indeed a risky job for all the banners associated with it. But after watching each episode, it looks like the decision is paying off. The first three episodes of the series have successfully set the stage for an incredible story. From Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 4 onwards, Elle will suit up for the ultimate showdown against the replicants project. But before that, she must come to terms with her own identity. Here is all you need to know about the next episode.

In the next episode of Blade Runner Black Lotus, Elle will finally face the truth of her identity. It is most likely that she will turn out to be yet another replicant. This realization will only catalyze her mission and put a rest on the entire project that runs under the shadows.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 4

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 4: Plot Details & Preview

The title of the fourth episode of Blade Runner Black Lotus is “The Doll Hunt.” In the upcoming episode, Elle and Joseph are going to move forward with the information that they have gathered so far. After decrypting the code of the device, Elle found that Bannister and Hooper were working on the development of replicants that can be submissive to humans. The preview of the next episode shows Elle breaking down over the truth of identity. She is yelling at Joseph that she now knows who she truly is.

She is also saying that she knows what is to be done next. All these hints point towards a common conclusion. In Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 4, fans will learn that Elle was one of the subjects that were in the laboratories to be turned into a replicant. From now on, her only mission will be to shut down the entire project that turns innocent people into complying with androids.

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Previous Episode Recap!

In the third episode of Blade Runner Black Lotus, Elle woke up and noticed that she was sleeping in Joseph’s apartment. The latter told her that he rescued her from the police chase last night. Later, Elle asked Joseph if she was indeed a replicant. Joseph was not sure, so he began to run some tests over her. After finding all the test results to be negative, he asked her the final question. Joseph told Elle to remember if she was ever in love.

Elle told him that her black lotus tattoo was a symbol of purity. She got it made with the love of her life. Thus, Joseph confirmed that she was not a replicant. On the other hand, Officer Davis continued to investigate Elle’s case. By the end of the episode, Elle and Joseph finally see the raw footage of Bannister and Hooper testing replicants for their compliance with humans.

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 4

Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 4: Release Date

Elle finds that someone is keeping a keen eye on all their actions. Does that mean that she has new enemies? Who is tracking Elle’s movements? The next episode will answer all the queries. So, Blade Runner Black Lotus Episode 4 is scheduled to release this Sunday on November 28, 2021. Fans will be able to watch the series on Adult Swim Network. Crunchyroll is also streaming all the episodes of the new series. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.