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The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 71: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

The Max-Level-Hero Has Returned Chapter 71 reveals the first and third Knight Order searching for Count Cleo and Lingtong after receiving the orders to arrest them. The 2nd Knight Order is sent out to look for Baron Gorneo, and they are told to protect him. The soldiers head out to fulfill the duties, and the remaining ones are protecting the citizens. The Max-Level-Hero Has Returned reveals the mystery behind Count Cleo and Lington. The two are well-known for conducting forbidden experiments. From The Max-Level-Hero Has Returned latest chapter, the soldiers received the orders from the captain.

The King realizes that Lington visited his kingdom a few days ago, and he was acting as the head of the Diseases Management Squad, and they had contact with him. Lington was supposed to follow his contract and wait for the results to receive a part of the region’s authority. After the King met with Lington, Baron Gorneo revealed the truth behind Lington and Cleo’s scheme. He learns that someone is spreading the disease that affected the Knight and begin to die from an incurable disease.

The King head to the castle after receiving that news to warn Baron. Baron notices that King Barisse is calling him and wonders what has happened. Barisse is glad to see that Baron is fine, and they talk about what happened to the kingdom. They visit the patients’ rooms, and Braisse learns that Prince Davey and Winley are treating them. Baron reveals that Davey developed a cure for the disease within three days, and everyone is recovering faster. That was a surprise to anyone since they knew that there was no solution to that unknown disease.

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Baron was impressed that Davey worked a miracle and saved the whole nation. Braisse talks about the corpses at the castle entrance, and Baron reveals that they are Count Cleo’s subordinates. Those guys were killed by Dave and Jack the Reaper before Davey heads to rescue Winley. The guys were after Baron, but he was saved, and no one has died except for the enemies. Baron reveals that the enemies learn that Davey created the cure and tried to kill them, but they have failed.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 71

King Braisse

Braisse asks about Wnley and Hyung-Nim and what happened to them. Baron tells him not to worry since not even a single insect can harm those two. Braisse knows that the cure is essential, but those two are also important to him. He is worried and wonders what could have happened to them since Winley trusts anyone. Winley and Ulysse appear behind Braisse, and he is relieved to see them. Ulysse notices that Braisse cares for Winley more he knows. But they were surprised to hear the house shaking and wondered if it was an earthquake. On Davey’s side, he is with Persek and decides that he will crush everything.

Persek notices something and tells Davey to look at that side. They saw a group of chimeras, and Davey wondered how they escaped and where they were going. Davey notices that the Chimeras are heading to Ordem Region and realize that they must be blocked before they reach there. He realizes that he can’t stop all of them since others hide in different parts of the forest. Davey lands on top of the hill and realizes that he has thought of something. He leaves at full speed to do what he thought of.

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The Max-Level-Hero Has Returned Chapter 71 Release Date

The Max-Level-Hero Has Returned Chapter 71 will be released on 30 November 2021. Davey uses 5th Circle Magic and begins to kill the monsters. He also summoned Red Flag to assassinate the monsters before they reached that region. Davey apologies that he has to borrow some of Red Flag’s mana. He knows that if he is failing to find a path, he has to create one. Let’s look at The Max-Level-Hero-Has Returned Chapter 71 official details.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 71

Prince Davey

Read The Max-Level-Hero Has Returned Chapter 71 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read The-Max-Level-Hero Has Returned Chapter 71 online on various websites. Persek wonders what Davey wants to do since a 5th Magic Circle cannot wield large-scale magic. Davey reveals that Red Flag’s mana will make that possible. He uses Lighting Strike and calculates the range of the area that he has to attack. Let’s meet when The Max-Level-Hero Has Returned Chapter 71 is released.

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