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The Next Task! Release Date & Plot

Pokemon Evolution Episode 89 is on its way, and fans are excited to see what is in store for them. In the story so far, Go and Satoshi were assigned the task of finding the water-based pokemon called Kingdra. This hunt took them to various islands and seashores. Satoshi did get initial success with finding a Seadra. But in the end, it was Go who captured the beautiful creature. So, what will be the next task? Here is everything to know about the next outing.

In the upcoming episode, Go, and Satoshi will be working on the next task given by the facility. However, Team Rocket is relentlessly working to capture more Pokemons for themselves. Thus, it is most likely that the two teams will cross paths with one another during their quests.

Pokemon Evolution Episode 89

Pokemon Evolution Episode 89: Plot Details!

The title of the 89th episode of Pokemon Evolution is “The Space-Time Cataclysm.” After catching the beautiful creature called Kingdra, Go has another token in his hands. Now, the story is going to move forward with another mission for the team. It was teased by the end of the episode that Hikari’s Pochama had gone missing. It is most likely that someone had kidnaped the creature.

Pokemon Evolution Episode 89 will look into the next plans of Team Rocket. It is most likely that the team will come up with yet another machinery to trap Pokemons. Moreover, the episode will also touch upon the next mission for Go and Satoshi. In order to collect more tokens, they will get back to the facility and find out what the next task is going to be. During their missions, they are likely to cross paths with Team Rocket.

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Previous Episode Recap!

The 88th episode of Pokemon Evolution began with the commencing of Project Mew. It was announced that with the completion of the task, a token would be given to the participant. In the first task, Go opted to search for Kingdra. He was briefed that the pokemon was a water dragon. At first, Go struggled to locate the water-based pokemon. But Satoshi inspired him to keep thriving. He remembered that he had been good with catching Pokemons.

Their search took the team to Hoenn’s Kaina City’s beach. But there was no success in finding the creature. Eventually, they realized that they needed to dive into the sea in order to find the pokemon. Thus, with the help of the Genji submarine, Go and Satoshi went inside the sea. Go did spot one Seadra, but it swam away as soon as it saw the human. At the end, when Satoshi returned to the submarine, he saw Go with a Kingdra in his arms.

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Pokemon Evolution Episode 89

Pokemon Evolution Episode 89: Release Date

The most recent episode of Pokemon Evolution set the stage of fire with some insane fights. Now, the same is expected from the next outing. So, Pokemon Evolution Episode 89 is scheduled to release next Friday on December 3, 2021. The episode will be available only on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates on episodes and chapters.