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Three Legendary Shinobis who fought with armies

Three Legendary Shinobis who fought with armies.

1:Uchiha Madara

Uchiha Madara is the person who fought with 3 armies and defeated them. He fought with Hidden Village of Leaf’s army, Hidden Village of Stone’s army, and Allied Shinobi forces. Uchiha Madara was a legendary Shinobi.He belonged to the famous Uchiha Clan, the strongest clan in the Shinobi world after Senju Clan. Uchiha Madara was also the leader of the Uchiha Clan. He united his clan with Senju Clan and made a Village named as Hidden Village of Konoha. But later he left the Konoha Village because he was not selected as Hokage due to the racism of Tobirama and Feudal lords. Madara toured the world after leaving the village. He obtained a lot of powers during his journey. He also captured Kyubi(Nine Tails). During his travel, Madara battled with Ohnoki(who became the third head of Hidden Stone’s Village) and Hidden Village of Stone’s army to stop Kage’s summit. Madara defeated them all


When Madara came back to Village he battled with Hashirama Senju and Hidden Village of Leaf’s army. Madara won in his battle with Hidden Village of Leaf’s army as he was having a lot of Chakra reserves and Kyubi was also in his control but after a long battle with Hashirama, Hashirama managed to take Kyubis’ control from Madara and defeated him. The whole Shinobi world thought that Madara died but he survived his battle with Hashirama. Madara caused four Great Ninja Wars from Shadows and continued his plans. When Madara was brought back to life by Reanimation Jutsu, he battled with Allied Shinobi Forces which were having 1Million(1000000) Shinobis, and defeated them. After defeating Allied Shinobi Forces Madara battled with all Kages(Head of all Five Great Nations of Allied Shinobi Forces). Madara first died in old age. The second time Madara was killed by Black Zetsu

2: Third Raikage AY

Third Raikage was the third head of Hidden Village of Cloud. He was considered the strongest Raikage and Kage of his time. He was specialized in speed and Taijutsu. He was a battle lover. He battled with Eight-Tails Biju(Octopus) one on one. During the Third Great Ninja War, the Army of Hidden cloud stuck in a fatal condition. At that time Third Raikage acted as a decoy and fought with an army of Ten Thousand (10000)Shinobis continuously for 3 days to protect his Comrades. Third Raikage AY died in this Battle.

3:Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze belonged to Namikaze Clan. He was the father of Naruto(Naruto Anime’s hero). He was the Smartest and fastest Shinobi of his time. He was a genius of Hidden Leaf Village. He was also a student of Legendary Sanin(Jiraiya). During the Third Great Ninja War, Minato Namikaze battled with an army of One Thousand(1000) Hidden Village of Stone’s Shinobis and defeated them. This moment turned the war into Hidden Leaf Village’s favor. Minato Namikaze became the Fourth Head of Hidden Leaf Village. Minato Namikaze was also the Creator of the High-level technique Rasengan. Minato Namikaze was a legendary Shinobi whom every nation feared. Other Nations gave their Shinobis special orders to run if they see Minato Namikaze. Minato was also given the title of Yellow Flash in Shinobi World. Minato Namikaze died during his battle with his student Obito and Nine-Tails Kyubi.



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