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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

In the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, these two unbeaten monsters in the form of Terano South and Mikey will be facing each other in a deadly battle.

The anime is also set to return soon with the Tokyo Revengers Season 2. Make sure to check it out!

Two of the greatest fight has been going on simultaneously but now it seems that the final boss fight is also on the verge of happening.  Terano threw away Kawaragi with a punch and at the same time Mikey had also beaten up Kakucho.

The fight for the crown has now become personal and all the three gangs are putting their best fight to win. The legends of the Brahman gang have fallen before Terano and now Kawaragi is also seem beaten.

Mikey has finally taken part in these battles and his dark urges will surely be the reason for misfortune for many.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

This final recursion of Takemichi has been full of ups and downs. He is in the middle of the biggest battle in the delinquent world now.

The conflict has caused a stir in Tokyo and now the unbeaten of Tokyo is against the unparalleled ever.

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers manga has once again shown how dangerous his urges can be and we can’t wait for the spoilers to be released.

Tokyo Revengers 232 Raw Scans

The fight between Kawaragi and Terano may not have been decided yet but it seems that Terano has now shifted his focus.  After Mikey unleashed his dark urges he defeated Kakucho in no time and he is now heading toward the next strongest opponent.

The vision that Takemichi had brought many questions in the minds of fans and we all are eagerly waiting to see if it will prove itself true.

The Raw Scans are available 3 to 4 days before the release of its official adaptions and so we can expect the release of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 raw scans to be around November 21, 2021.

Eleceed Chapter 169 will also be published the same day and we totally recommend reading it.

Tokyo Revengers releases its chapter every week and the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 is expected to release on 23rd November.

The English Adaption is out 4-5 hours after the release of the raw scan and the official English adaptation take even more time. The English Adaption of the Chapter will be available to read after 6 PM Est Time midnight GMT+18 AM Japan Time.

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Tokyo Revengers Manga 232 Discussion:

The death of Draken has once again triggered the dark urges suppressed inside Mikey and he is now on a rampage.  The cheerful captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang is now leading a gang of criminals.

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers 232 English chapter is still a week away so before it releases let’s discuss some of the most probable fan theories and predictions.  

Death of the unparalleled, Terano South:

In the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers, we got to see a very suppressed aspect of the story when Terano touched Takemichi.

As soon as he touched him, he had a vision in which he saw that Terano was laying on the floor in a wounded state.

Terano struck a heavy punch and threw Kawaragi away in just one stroke. At the same time, Mikey had also defeated Kakucho and now these two are moving toward each other with rage in their eyes.

We still don’t know whether the visions that Takemichi have are fragments of his memories or some sort of Deja’Vu.

The last vision of Takemichi in which he saw Kawaragi wounded hasn’t yet come true so it will be very interesting to see what’s gonna happen in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232.

The inevitable enemy:

Many enemies have appeared before Takemichi until now but this time he is facing his beloved captain, Mikey. Takemichi is going to face Mikey but before the fight between the three deities must resolve.

Takemichi has seen a whether the death of Terano. He has been unbeaten in all these matches and had destroyed the Brahman gang almost single-handedly.

First the legends and then their leader it seems that there is no stopping him.

The story is moving at a very high pace and by the looks of it, we can see the ending of this adventure very soon.

One by one many legends are falling and the one standing until the very end will be leading all of these delinquents into a new era.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 Spoilers:

There is still no certainty who will form at the top but we will be keeping you people updated as soon as possible so keep reading.

We will also be uploading the Tokyo Revengers 232 spoilers on our website Recent Highlights very soon. So stay tuned and keep visiting for all the latest manga news.


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