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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Raw Scans Release Date: Terano vs Mikey

Mikey has broken Takemichi’s arm in the latest chapter and we may get to see his next move in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date has also been announced and the return of second season is finally upon us.

The battle between the unbeaten Mikey and the unparalleled Terano South is moving at a high pace and by the looks of it, we may very soon get to see its conclusion.

The vision that Takemichi have seen this time had started coming true almost instantly and the death of Terano approached him very quickly.

Scenario something similar to the time of Baji’s death has started reoccurring once again. In the previous case, Kazutora was the reason why Mikey’s brother Shinichiro died and this time Draken died due to Terano South.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233

Baji sacrificed himself last time and we may get to see something similar this time too but the bigger question is who is going to die this time.

The dark urges of Mikey had made everyone shiver and his exceptional strength has even cornered the likes of South now. Many of us were expecting to see a close fight between Terano and Mikey but it almost seem one-sided in the latest chapter.

Things had taken serious steps and Mikey is not going to stop unless he kills the one who killed Draken.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Release Date

Takemichi stepped in between the fierce fight of Mikey and Terano when no one else even thought of moving an inch. These two monsters almost made the whole battlefield shiver and Mikey once again has stood on the top.

Although the rush didn’t make South feel he is gravely injured now.

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers 233 raw scans will be released around 27th November, around the same time as One Piece 1033 Spoilers.

We still don’t know how Takemichi will stop Mikey but if doesn’t Terano is sure to die.

Kawaragi has already fallen but she might step back in the fight to the aid of Takemichi if required. The upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 will be released on 30th November 2021.

The latest chapters are released at 11 AM in Japan and are available on the online platforms a little time after that. You can read the official translation of Tokyo Revengers on the official website of Kodansha.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Chapter 90 will also be released this week for fans to read online.

Tokyo Revengers Manga 233 Discussion:

The battlefield has now turned out to be a sight of the massacre. The Brahman gang has fallen almost completely and now the fight is left between the remaining two deities, Terano South and Mikey.

Let’s discuss some of these facts and topics related to the upcoming Tokyo Revenges Chapter 233.

The New Baji:

We all remember the arc when Baji died and his death surely left a melancholic mood on all of us. He killed himself so that Kazutora could live and Mikey forgives him for his sins.

His death was a necessity in that situation but this time something similar has once again been created by the author.

This time Draken has died and the reason for his death was Terano. Although Terano was not the one who ordered his men to kill Draken he didn’t even stop him in the end.

Takemichi already tried stopping him but got his hand broken by Mikey in the next instant so things are surely beyond his control.

This time the one who could get sacrificed like Baji is Kawaragi. Kawaragi already likes Takemichi and she already promised to come to Takemichi’s aid and so if now he picks a fight with Mikey she will surely come to his help.

Kawaragi is surely no match for Mikey but she is a powerhouse too. Takemichi had the vision of Kawaragi’s death which may turn out to be true this time if she faces Mikey in a battle.

Let’s hope that our favorite female lead character doesn’t meet such a sad ending in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers 233 raw scans.

Terano Vs Mikey:

We all were expecting to see the fight between Mikey and Terano as the main act but the author managed to surprise all of us once again. The one-sided battle between them was both shocking and unexpected for us.

We all knew that Mikey is a monster when it comes to raw strength but cornering a beast-like Terano South is surely a big deal.

At the beginning of the fight, both of them seem to be standing on equal footing with their strength on par but somehow Mikey came at the top. His murderous intent was surely very intimating and even Kawargi stepped back when she saw it.

The fight has come to its conclusion, Terano is in no state to fight anymore. His body can’t move anymore and he is rendered helpless.

Mikey intended to kill Terano and even he can feel the pressure to death on him now. Terano must escape or someone should come to his aid if he wants to live.

Tokyo Revengers 233 English Spoilers:

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 is still a week away but you don’t have to wait that long as we will be posting the spoilers for the upcoming chapter on our website as soon as possible.

We will update the article with raw scan translations very soon. Till then, read our articles on Where to watch Jujutsu Kaisen and Where to watch Redo Of Healer.


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