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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233: Release Date, Where To Read & Recap

Mikey vs. South begins with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, with Mikey defeating Kakoucho. That took South’s attention, and he decided to face Mikey while leaving the BRAHMAN’s head. The brawl between Three Deity has become intense after Kakoucho attacked Mikey and Senju punished South. But South sent Senju flying and began to dominate her. The tides change after Mikey punishes Kakoucho. From Tokyo Revengers’ latest chapter, Takemichi realizes that Mikey and South are about to go head to head and wonders about the vision he saw earlier. South is glad to face Mikey and wants to avenge Kakouchou.

He calls Mikey by his real name Sano Manjirou. Takemichi wonders what will happen and tries to call ”Mikey-kun.” Kakoucho is unconscious, and Senju is back on her feet. Takeomi looks at Senju and Mikey and wonders what the two are up to. Senju tells Mikey to get out of her way since she is the one who has to punish South. Mikey asks Senju if she wants to be the next one to die and Senju notice that Mikey is serious. Takemichi feels that it is like a murderous vibe he is getting.

South swing two punches and told Mikey to begin the requiem’s finale with him. Mikey ate those two blows as nothing hs happened and crushed South’s face with his signature kick. South is glad that it gives him more entertainment, and their strength is on par even though that kick hurts. He realizes that he has been looking for a formidable opponent like Mikey. Mikey continues to land massive kicks while listening to South praising their battle. South says that the beat is unstoppable, and the two were surprised to see a guy between them. The chapter is titled “It Take Two Tango.”

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

Mikey and South stopped showering each other with barrages and wanted to see who dared stop their battle. Mikey has been hurt on a few parts of his body. The two find that Takemichi is stopping their fight, and South wonders if this guy wants to die. Mikey realizes that Takemichi is like this. Takemichi tells Mikey that they can stop the battle. South scolded Takemichi for stopping them. South’s face is destroyed like he was run over by a train. Takemichi reveals that if they don’t stop fighting, South will die.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233

Tokyo Revengers

Mikey ignores Takemichi and reveals that he is here to destroy the destroyer. Takemichi realizes that this battle might be unstoppable. South tells Mikey that his body can still move. Takemichi realizes that this battle is like when Mikey faces Kazutora and wonders if Mikey has turned into a murderer; Mikey notices that Takemichi is delaying things and breaks his arm with a flying knee. Takemichi wonders why Mikey did that, and he feels a lot of pain. Mikey tells Takemichi is on his way, and Takemichi falls on his knees. Mikey confronts South.

He asks South how he wants to die, and South is surprised with a pulp face and swollen eye. South can’t see with the swollen eye, and he is using one eye. Takemichi shouts at Mikey, telling him not to kill South. But South is cocky even though he knows that Mikey is giving him a beating, and his level is decreasing. The member of all gangs are on the ground, and some have realized that if they try to wake up, Mikey won’t spare them. Only Takeomi, Senju, Mikey, Takemichi, and South are the guys on their feet. Mikey is about to land the final killer blow.

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Tokyo Revengers-Chapter 233 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers-Chapter 233 will be released on 1 December 2021. Takemichi is taking care of his hand, trying to convince Mikey. Takemichi shed tears and wonders if that vision will come true since there is no one to stop Mikey. Mikey won’t let South go since Draken is no longer alive. Let’s look at Tokyo Revengers-Chapter 233 official details and other latest updates of this manga below.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233

Tokyo Revengers

Where To Read Tokyo Revengers-Chapter 233 Online? Raw Details

You will be able to read Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 233 online on various websites. Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 233 spoilers will arrive before Tuesday next week; then, the latest chapter will release on Tuesday and Wednesday, depending on the country you are in. The braw between Three Deities will end soon since only Mikey and South have to settle the score. Let’s meet when Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 233 is released.

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