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What Manhwa Is Sangwoo From? About The Heinous Criminal

Who is Oh Sangwoo? What manhwa is Sangwoo from? What is the plotline of the manhwa? Is Sangwoo a criminal? What is Sangwoo’s backstory? If you have read enough webtoons and mangas, you might have already come across the character, Oh Sangwoo. One can say that Oh Sangwoo might possibly be the worst villain out there. Even if not the worst, he most definitely does make it to the list as being one of the worst villains. With the most horrendous crimes to his name, Sangwoo is made of nightmares. So what makes Sangwoo, Sangwoo? In simple terms, is Sangwoo a born psychopath, or did circumstances shape him to be who he is today?

In this article, we shall discuss everything related to the iconic killer and provide in-depth information about the manhwa that he belongs from. We shall give you all the information that you need to decide whether the famously talked about manhwa is worth your time, and if so, then just how can you read it.

Warning: Major Spoilers and Trigger Warning 

What Manhwa Is Sangwoo From?

Oh Sangwoo is the deuteragonist and the central antagonist of the popular manhwa, Killing Stalking. He is the protagonist’s Yoon Bum’s classmate, having attended the same college for four years and serving in the same military unit as the latter. Sangwoo becomes the focus of Bum’s obsessive love after he saves Bum from an attempted rape by his superiors. He is extremely handsome with a slim physique, light brown hair with a black undercut, and prominent dark circles beneath his eyes. Sangwoo’s handsome features combined with his false charisma have always led him to be popular and the source of everyone’s crush wherever he goes.

In public settings and social gatherings, Sangwoo, without fail, always has a joyous expression on his face and is frequently seen smiling, even when making eye contact with strangers. He adopts the charming persona of one who loves socializing and the people around him. All in all, one can deem him to be an extroverted person with a big circle of friends during his time at university. According to Bum, people like him are usually attracted to Sangwoo due to his sympathetic, kind, and generous aura.

These personality traits are, however, only superficial and fake in nature and conceal his actual psychotic, violent, and sadistic traits. Sangwoo, in actuality, is a cruel and brutal guy who commits horrendous crimes like kidnapping, abusing, torturing, raping, and murdering his victims, and at no point showing any form of pity for them. He is seen to be perfectly content and happy with beating and torturing his victims, even if they pled for their life.

All in all, he’s a cruel monster who enjoys innocent people’s suffering. Highly narcissistic, he looks down on everyone and enjoys deceptively caring for people just before attacking them with pure malice when he feels like it. When confronted by his victims, his emotions shift erratically between phony mercy and violent wrath. He uses nasty, harsh expletives around his victims, berating them with obscenities. Despite having a larger preference for females and not having slain a man since his father’s death in high school, he does not mind taking men as his victims.

On Killing Stalking: Synopsis

Killing Stalking is a South Korean Manhwa whose writings and illustrations were provided by Koogi. It was released online in Korean and English by Lezhin Comics for a total of 67 chapters. Its first chapter was released on 23 November 2016 and came to an end in 2019. It also won the 100,000,000 Grand Prize Award at the Second Lezhin World Comics Contest and is immensely popular among the youth. Although frequently romanticized, Killing Stalking is far from being a romance novel and comes under the genre of thriller, mystery, and horror. Rated 18+, Killing Stalking is not to be read by minors under any circumstances due to its illustrations and themes of graphic violence. The famous manhwa is available for reading on a lot of websites due to its popularity, like the official site of Lezhin Comics, Anime-Planet, and more.

what manhwa is sangwoo from

Killing Stalking Vol. 1

Synopsis: Killing Stalking follows the story of the central protagonist, Yoon Bum, a young mentally ill man with a terrible past and an even terrible present. After falling in love with Oh Sangwoo, a former military colleague who protected him from being raped, he tries to break into Sangwoo’s home when the latter is away from the apartment. In a shocking turn of events, Yoon Bum discovers a bound and injured woman in Sangwoo’s basement, but before he can be of any help and free her, Sangwoo finds him and knocks him out. Sangwoo, who is discovered to be a serial killer, subsequently fractures Bum’s ankles and, despite Yoon Bum’s past feelings for him, forces Bum into an aggressive and manipulative relationship.

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Sangwoo’s Sexuality And Pattern of Crime

Sangwoo is shown and confirmed to be heterosexual in both the novel and by the author. He despises gay people and is shown to hate Bum’s homosexuality. Sangwoo is also a vengeful rapist who raped Bum a total of three times during the course of the novel. He is also a necrophiliac who molests the bodies of his victims. Sangwoo is a misogynist who treats women with the utmost cruelty. Despite his claims that he does not get off of male victims, he isn’t above torturing men, as is apparent from his behavior with Bum.

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 Oh Sangwoo’s Backstory

Sangwoo’s backstory is terrible and full of horrors that no child should go through. Although his backstory explains his present psychotic behavior, it is in no way an excuse for the deplorable crimes that he has committed. Keeping this note in mind, let us dive into the formative childhood of Oh Sangwoo. Sangwoo was raised by a severely neglectful and abusive father and a manipulative, loving, and meek mother. His earliest memories include his father eating atop a table, but he and his mother being forced to eat from a little wooden table on the ground. Sangwoo grew up constantly witnessing his father beating his mother on frequent occasions and his mother still pampering himself with love.

Although Sangwoo’s mother was, up to some extent, a source of comfort for him during his childhood, she is still responsible for physically and mentally abusing him due to her own mental instability. Sangwoo’s mother attempted to cope with stress by having affairs with other men, and, in one case, she even forced Sangwoo to witness the scene. At one point, she attempted to kill Sangwoo by smothering him with a pillow. Sangwoo’s parents were brutally murdered three years before he entered High school. A wide-scale investigation was launched into the case, but there was no luck finding the perpetrator. Sangwoo is suspected of being responsible for his parents’ deaths based on the fragments of his memories.

Stil, from Killing Stalking

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Sangwoo’s Mental Illness

Given Sangwoo’s traumatic past, it is certain that he suffers from one or the other severe mental illnesses. Although it has never been specified which mental illness Sangwoo suffers from, many people believe that it is within reason to assume that he has what is known as ASPD or Antisocial Personality Disorder. One can arrive at such a conclusion after keeping in mind his sociopathic, narcissistic, and cruel tendencies which ticks out most of the ASPD symptoms.  People with antisocial personality disorder have a tendency to be antagonistic, manipulative, or callous in their treatment of others. Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by manipulative, deceptive, and risky behavior, as well as the apathy that could be defined as a lack of concern for other people’s feelings.

People with ASPD abuse, manipulate, or violate others’ rights and show absolutely no concern, regret, or remorse for the suffering that they cause. They act irresponsibly, have trouble maintaining long-term relationships, and have severe anger issues. A lot of people with ASPD are known to break the laws and hence are a threat to society. They should be provided with proper medical care and, in some extreme cases, should be hospitalized. Since the author himself hasn’t specified if Sangwoo suffers from the same, it should be kept in mind that the above is just popular belief and not a concrete diagnosis.

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