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Yazuka’s New Head? Release Date & Plot

Shonen has recently launched yet another incredible story in the form of Ayashimon. Only the first chapter of the manga has come out, and the fans are going gaga over the story. So far, the shonen story has struck all the right chords. It has an intriguing main character, a strong antagonistic group, a cute side character, and loads of action. So, what can fans expect from Ayashimon Chapter 2? Here is everything that you need to know about.

In the upcoming chapter of Ayashimon, fans can expect to see more of the world around the main character. So far, only his power quotient has been dissected in the story. Thus, fans are yet to learn more about his personal life. Moreover, the chapter will also touch upon the political conflict in the Yazuka group.

Ayashimon Chapter 2
Viz Media

Ayashimon Chapter 2: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of Ayashimon is going to continue the story of the mysterious protagonist. The name of the character has not been revealed just yet. Thus, fans can expect to learn more about the boy in the upcoming outing. So, the story is going to continue to build the world of Ayashimon. Besides the main antagonist group and the protagonist, nothing much was revealed about the personal life of the main character.

Thus, in Ayashimon Chapter 2, fans can expect to get the name of this mysterious character. Moreover, the organizational structure of the Yakuza gang will also be uncovered. However, it is too early to dissect the upcoming events of this new story. One thing is sure that the chapter will feature multiple easter eggs from other popular shonen stories like One Punch Man and Dragon Ball.

Ayashimon Chapter 2
Viz Media

Previous Chapter Recap!

The first chapter of Ayashimon introduced the main protagonist and the world around him. The story set up both the main characters and the antagonist organizations. So, it is revealed that the main character of the story is a huge anime fan. Since childhood, he used to read mangas and watch animes. However, the problem with this protagonist is that he is too bored with his own powers. This is because he does not have any competition left around him.

Ayashimon Chapter 1 had multiple references to many mangas. On the other hand, the antagonist group of thugs known as the Yakuza is introduced in the story. This began with the passing away of the main leader of this group. Now, the void created in the leadership will create a political war in the group. By the end of the chapter, the main character is still distressed about the future of his powers.

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Ayashimon Chapter 2
Viz Media

Ayashimon Chapter 2: Release Date

As per the official calendar by Viz Media, Ayashimon is going to be a weekly Shonen manga. This means that all the chapters will release on Sundays. So, Ayashimon Chapter 2 is lined up for a release the next weekend. The chapter will be available on the official websites of Viz and Shonen Jump. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates on the same.


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