Lupin Zero

Lupin Zero

Secondary Name: Lupin Zero

Release year:

Run Time: 22min

Episodes : 06話

Now showing: 06話

Latest episode: 6

Country: Japan

Genres: アニメ

4/ 5 32 votes

How did this young boy become notorious gentleman thief "Lupin III"? Loosely based on Young Lupin III from the original manga, Lupin Zero will tell a nostalgic, yet brand new original story, finally lifting the veil cast upon Lupin III's humble beginnings. Set during the era in which the original series was first published, the anime depicts Young Lupin III running around the streets of 1960's Japan during the country's economic boom. A young boy climbs the staircase to villainhood. What was he thinking and what steps did he take? This is the untold origin story of the world's greatest thief.

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