RWBY 氷雪帝国

RWBY 氷雪帝国

Secondary Name: RWBY: Ice Queendom

Release year:

Run Time: 24 min

Episodes : 12話

Now showing: 12話

Latest episode: 12

Country: Japan

Genres: アニメ

3.9/ 5 26 votes

RWBY: Hyousetsu Teikoku RWBY: Ice Queendom, RWBY 氷雪帝国 In the world of Remnant, humans and Faunus—human-animal hybrids—carry on their everyday lives despite the omnipresent threat of the monstrous Grimm. Dedicated Huntsmen and Huntresses battle Grimm with both customized weapons and their own "Semblances," unique abilities derived from the energy of one's soul. Some warriors also utilize a crystallized energy propellant, "Dust," to bestow their weapons with elemental properties. In this dangerous line of work, rigorous training is

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